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"From the outset Closer was going to achieve its desired effect of disturbing and distressing its audience. Staged in the dark loft of the smoky Marlborough pub in Brighton, the atmosphere was set before the curtain went up on this black comedy by Patrick Marber.

The play follows the intertwined lives and breakdowns of two couples facing separation and an incestuous intermingling of their lives.

There were exceptional performances from all of the four hander cast of Kim Godwin as Alice, David Villiers as Larry, Katy Schutte as Anna and Anthony Harris as Dan, who had obviously been well primed by director Andy Chalk. So convincing was the performance that, at times, you felt yourself feeling rather the unwilling, uncomfortable voyeur intruding into the most private of the characters' personal emotional conflicts.

An exceptional piece of writing translated brilliantly to stage by Eclipse Productions."

NODA review