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"From the outset David Villiers laugh a minute production was clearly going to be a fun packed evening. The audience were greeted and seated by the five sisters of the cast already in their more than convincing characters.

The five ladies of the cloth were played exceptionally well by Monica Brown, Catherine Hawtin, Chloe Kempton, Charlie Marshall and Vicky Rogers. So convincing and hilarious were they it is almost impossible to single anybody out, although I loved Charlie Marshall's Sister Amnesia who arguably gets the lions share of the funny lines. The ventriloquist act also had us all in stitches.

Michael Hinton led the small ensemble from the piano, providing a full and rich backing to the musical numbers which were wonderfully delivered with some fine harmony work.

It is refreshing to see a company have this much fun with a show and pull off such a professional standard production without the curse of taking themselves too seriously, which is the unfortunate blight of some other groups in the area."

NODA review